SMART Children’s Program

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The SMART program is an after-school group for children classified as homeless by the school district’s standards. The program offers participants a safe environment to study with tutors, complete assignments, and have fun after school.


What is the SMART Program?

The SMART program provides a six-week academic enrichment course designed to teach moral principles, increase reading skills, and introduce (homeless) children to hands-on, educational field trip experiences throughout the region.

Who does the SMART Program benefit?

Participants are primarily children ages 5-12, classified as ‘homeless’ by the Brenham Independent School District. (Homelessness classification includes children living in hotels, at Faith Mission, and in multi-family situations.)

Who is responsible for the SMART Program?

Faith Mission is responsible for providing Bible study, facilitators, teachers, mentoring and curriculum, two meals per program day, and entrance fees to field trip sites. Other support is provided by BISD, Prairie View A&M, and Brenham Maifest Association.

Why is the SMART Program important and why should I help support it?

The SMART program is important because we believe that education and an introduction to Biblical based morality is the only solution to stop the cycle of poverty. These children do not have stable home lives, are often in and out of school settings, and are often victims of neglect. Faith Mission’s SMART Program provides a steady, safe, and homelike setting for these children two days per week.

What do the Children Learn during the SMART program?

We are able to provide two hot meals per program day, while the children learn how to do basic chores like setting the table and cleaning up after themselves. They also learn table etiquette and manners. In addition, many of these children will interact with community leaders who will encourage participants to stay in school, become people of excellent character, and give back to their communities. Your contributions and support of this program are important because, for these 25 children, we are providing basic life-skills training and experiences that they may be missing from their home life.

How can I help?

1. Speak or teach: Faith Mission can utilize business men or women who may be interested in speaking to the children for approximately 20 minutes, explaining your industry, and inspiring children by speaking about “what they can do when they grow up.” It will also be necessary to incorporate the value of the week, and explain why these values are important in the workplace.

2. Preach: Faith Mission can utilize clergy or youth ministers who would like to teach a Bible story by ‘bringing it to life’. Bible stories will need to coincide with the character principle of the week.

3. Donate: Faith Mission can benefit from private donations to cover the cost of the SMART program. Contributions will go to cover the children’s meals and field trip fees. All other staff and supplies are covered by volunteers and donations. The cost per child is $100. Donations are appreciated in any amount.

To volunteer for the SMART Program, click here.