Faith Mission and Help Center, Inc. is made up of multiple campuses throughout the city of Brenham. Each campus is uniquely designed to operate as a self-sustaining entity, while providing the following services:

A) Assistance to those in emergency situations.  Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical (Hyperlink to these respective pages)

B) Training and job opportunities for those who may not be ready to enter the public workforce (Hyperlink to ____)

C) Educational and scholarship opportunities for clients with the ability to advance in higher education or vocational training.  (Hyperlink to Job Training)

D) After school mentoring and homework assistance for at-risk children classified as ‘homeless’ by Brenham ISD. (Hyperlink to the SMART Program)

E) Provide medical assistance and prescription assistance for newborns through senior citizens. (link to Health Center Site)

F) Facilitate individual, couple and family counseling through Texas A&M’s Telecounseling resource. (link to tele-health page)