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February 26, 2021
Faith Mission Disaster Service Center / News Release

The local Faith Mission Disaster Service Center (DSC), has served Washington County for more than sixteen years, and as our CEO, JD Young says, “every disaster is different”. From Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike, Harvey, to the historic May 2016 flood, COVID-19 and the winter storm of 2021, Faith Mission continues to be the front line for helping people directly affected by the disaster get through the recovery process. One of the current disaster declarations began early in 2020 with the onset of the COVID virus. Faith Mission, working with Washington County, immediately opened the local DSC and began serving the community.

In January of 2021, Faith Mission DSC would be asked by the County to help with the new Vaccination SubHub that was being developed. Faith Missions expanded role would be registering people to receive the new vaccines that were becoming available. Through its active volunteer group, Faith Mission was instrumental in registering over 11,000 people for their first and second vaccinations. Over a three-week period, some 30,000 phone calls were made by the Call Center Volunteers. After this startup, the SubHub vaccination operations have shifted to a fully automated registration system reducing the registration role of the local DSC.

As the DSC was in the midst of transitioning back to its more normal workloads, the second declared Disaster made its way into the County in the form of extreme weather. This event resulted in a great amount of damage to homes and businesses all across Washington County.

Faith Missions DSC (and volunteers) are now focusing their disaster response to assist the special needs of people in the County (relating to both disaster declarations), especially the elderly. County Judge John Durrenberger said, “it is our goal to help our citizens, particularly our seniors, who don’t have access to computers get registered for a Vaccination.” The DSC is making this one of its priorities. It is continuing to assist this group submit their information through the automated registration portal by walking them through the process. (All registrations must go through and all confirmations, follow-up calls, texts, emails will come from the automated system.)
Primary services currently provided through the FM-Washington County Disaster Service Center (DSC):

  1. Assistance for people that have experienced a direct loss such as income, property damages or may need
  2. housing assistance directly related to the either of the current Disaster Declarations.
  3. Assist those that have attempted to register on-line for a vaccination and are having difficulty working through
  4. the process or are having access problems.
  5. Assist those, that for some reason missed their second Corona vaccination appointment (at the Washington
  6. County SubHub) and are experiencing difficulties in getting rescheduled.
For assistance, email: or phone (voice or text): 979-421-4131
 Provide your name, contact information and reason for the message. Your message will be processed as soon as possible based on the message volume.
General Information Sources: / We appreciate your patience during this challenging time.