Disaster Relief

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Faith Mission serves as the Volunteer Disaster Coordination organization for Washington County. In the case of natural or man-made disasters, Faith Mission coordinates with the city, the county, and other entities to develop planning and strategy meetings for implementing relief efforts.

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The Cannery Kitchen serves as the nerve center for immediate disaster response and includes a $500,000 generator in order to maintain power and computer/technology access in the event of power outages.  The Cannery Kitchen facilities provide food, computer access, and restroom facilities for first responders and families affected by the disaster.

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Upon dissipation of the disaster, The Cannery Kitchen facilities are converted into a disaster service center where families affected by the disaster will have access to computers for contacting FEMA & Red Cross registration, notifying employers and contacting family members.

Those affected by disaster have access to immediate provisions of shelter, food, clothing, counseling, health services and prescription medication.

Faith Mission was instrumental in serving over 500 families during Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike. Faith Mission was also instrumental in dispersing funds collected through the Salvation Army to those affected by wildfires in neighboring communities.