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Primary services currently provided through the FM-Washington County Disaster Service Center (DSC):

  1. Assistance for people that have experienced a direct loss such as income, property damages or may need
  2. housing assistance directly related to the either of the current Disaster Declarations.
  3. Assist those that have attempted to register on-line for a vaccination and are having difficulty working through
  4. the process or are having access problems.
  5. Assist those, that for some reason missed their second Corona vaccination appointment (at the Washington
  6. County SubHub) and are experiencing difficulties in getting rescheduled.

For assistance, email: or phone (voice or text): 979-421-4131
 Provide your name, contact information and reason for the message. Your message will be processed as soon as possible based on the message volume.
General Information Sources: / We appreciate your patience during this challenging time.

Full press release here.

As of December 20, 2020 at the COVID-19 Call Center…

• Calls received: 9,150

• Meals for Seniors and Disabled: 6,150+ meals

• Households receivIng services: 377

• Prayed with: 6,027+

• Rent/Mortgage Assistance: 45+

• Senior Social Engagement Calls: 1,770+

• Senior Cyber Shopping (SCS): 310

• Utility Assistance: 16